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headshot2I am a scifi/fantasy writer, radio commentator, and essayist with pieces and performances in places such as Minnesota Public Radio, Apex, Story Club Minneapolis, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Best American Erotica.

I write dark fantasy and horror short stories. My radio commentaries, essays, and spoken-word performances cover disability issues, community, queerness, and politics. Most of these are available to watch or read free online and linked above. I also write the advice column “Bitter Butch” at bitterempire.com.

I live with my weird, wonderful, unconventional and sprawling family in Minneapolis.

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Dear Bitter Butch: How Do I Deal With My Beyond Difficult Ex?


Dear Bitter Butch,

I spent eight terrible years in a relationship with a crazy person. I mean she is certifiably batshit crazy. (I was in a bad place, what can I say?) We’ve been apart for four years now. I have a wonderful new partner who is perfectly sane. I often get threatening texts from the crazy ex-girlfriend. She even texted my new gal a few times. It’s very upsetting for me. I have a child with this crazy person, so I can’t make a total break from her, no matter how much I want to. Do you have any advice on how to deal with my crazy bitch ex?

– Baffled Boi

Dear Baffled Boi,

You don’t sound baffled to me.

You sound really, really, really angry. Read the rest at bitterempire.com.

Local State Rep PEGGY FLANAGAN is first Native woman to speak at the DNC!!!

“Your name is NOT Pocahantas. . . . despite everything that has happened to our people, and no matter what Donald Trump says: WE ARE STILL HERE.”



Oh, Peggy I am so damn proud of you and your writing and your speaking and your hard work for all of us. I am so proud to know you.

Dear Bitter Butch: What Can I Do About the Office Skeeve?

secretary-157444_1280Dear Bitter Butch,

One of the senior executives at my workplace is a bit of a skeeze in that he showers women at our workplace with ambiguously inappropriate attention. From what I’ve seen, the attention ranges from overly friendly hugs, to hands at the small of the back when opening doors, to fairly frequent office visits with small presents like pieces of chocolate.

. . . read the rest, and my answer, at bitterempire.com.

Please help save Trans Lifeline!


From their Facebook Page:


I need your help to save Trans Lifeline. We applied for grants aggressively this year but were turned down by everyone but the Trans Justice Funding Project and Horizons Foundation. Pride season was pretty much a bust for fundraising and now we are in dire straights. Members of our community have given so much to keep this going and I’m deeply humbled and moved by the sacrifices that trans people continue to make for each other. I’m writing this from a desert in Utah on the way to L.A. where we are hoping to make some fundraising progress. We’ve been driving out here and sleeping in our van for five days. We are nearing the end of what we can do personally to keep this going. Current events being what they are we are seeing repeated spikes in call volume. Your help is critical.

– Greta Gustava Martela



Haddayr again. I am so disheartened that foundations that supposedly are for GLBT communities are not funding this desperately-needed resource for the most vulnerable of us. Please donate if you can.

THANK you Pokemon Go

147My kid never wants to go for a walk. He ‘hates’ bike riding. Being outside is basically an anathema.

Or I should say WAS an anathema.

In one week, he’s very close to reaching his 10K distance for evolving. Or hatching. Or . . . I don’t know what.

Now he goes for a long long walk, or multiple walks, every day. And he wants to take up bike riding.


A few days ago, my partner, my sister and I were crossing Penn Ave and a huge truck was barrelling down toward us. My partner was like: “Oh no we are all going to die” but speeding to so much as a swift jog to avoid death seemed beyond his comprehension.

Today, I watched him SPRINT to catch a dratini. SPRINT.




YOU. You, white supremacist cop who fosters fear in your department or pulls the trigger. YOU. You, white person who throws up his hands and says: “I won’t assume anything until all the facts are in” or “ALL lives matter!”

You, politicians with your thoughts and your prayers and your complete lack of will for actually cleaning house and kicking white supremacy out of the police force.


We can do something about this. We must do something about this. Here is a place to start:

15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality

the Center for Popular Democracy and Policy Link, two nonprofit advocacy organizations, have partnered with various protesters and street-level organizers to find some concrete solutions to this problem. The result is a 15-point report, titled Building From the Ground Up: A Toolkit for Promoting Justice in Policing, which Mic has synthesized below to identify the concrete steps citizens and local governments can take to affect change.

#PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling #sosomanymore